Core Expertise

I provide Technical Assistance and Consultancy Services in the areas of Health System Strengthening, Health Sector Governance and Decentralised Health Sector Management. I advise and assist government agencies, NGOs, faith-based organisations and knowledge Institutions. I assess health systems performance  and impact of health sector programs and projects at the national, regional and local levels. I undertake  health systems research as well as operational health research. 

Technical Proficiency

Health Policy Development, Governance and Stewardship, Health Systems Strengthening, Health Services Planning (National, Regional, District), Monitoring and Evaluation, Health Management Information Systems, Hospital Management Information Systems, Performance Based Financing, Strategic Purchasing, Human Resources Management, Health Facility Planning and Management, Supportive Supervision, Strategic & Annual Planning and Budgeting, Public-Private-Partnerships, Quality and Safety of Care, Continuous Professional Training and Education, Operational Health Research, Health Sector and Hospital Reforms, EHP, UHC and PHC.

  Supplementary Skills and Expertise 

Regional Rural Development Programs, Public Administration Management, Public Financial Management (MTEFs), Program and Project Management, Institutional Strengthening and Organisational Development, Participatory Development Planning, Civil Society Strengthening, Change Management, Leadership Transformation, Public Private Partnerships, Community Research.

Approach & Methodology

Typically, I provide technical support during short-term assignments. I also work within the context of longer-term support frameworks of bi-lateral or multi-lateral donor agencies. When possible, I work in partnerships with reputable international consultancy companies.

My advisory approach is demand-driven, co-designed, result-oriented, educated and well-informed. I value a process approach in close dialogue with clients and stakeholders. I am mindful of expertise, values and history of clients and other stakeholders. 

I apply a systems approach to identify priorities and solutions. I leverage local and regional expertise to develop and co-create innovative, tailored and culturally accepted solutions. 

I view people as central to accomodate and facilitate change in organisations and systems.  I adopt a multi-disciplinary approach, incapsulating medicine, public administration, sociology and organizational science, to promote positive change in health systems. I regard a multi-sectoral perspective critical to bring about sustainable social progress.

My Technical Advisory Approach is depicted in the Figure below: 

Ethical & Professional Conduct

I respect the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional integrity. My work complies with the UN 'Global Compact' Principles and observes internationally accepted norms and criteria for Development Assistance (DAC/OECD).

Pictures while on assignment in Tanzania, South Sudan, Liberia and Malawi.